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Who We Are

Hill City Mass Choir (HCMC) is a choir that comprises of choristers from various denominations. It’s a choir that believes in conveying the message of the gospel through music. Its executives are made up of different music directors from various churches and they have a well structured leadership body.

Our journey started nine years ago in 2007 after the great restoration Music Festival organized by the mission and pioneered by Rev Victor Atenaga who was the then National Music Director. 


At that competition, we ministered and came second position.  We were at the time known as CGMiOregbeni Provincial Choir, which wasa combination of the various branches and district choirs under the province. And after the Music festival, we decided to inaugurate a Provincial choir Executive body, comprising of different music directors in the various branches and districts of Church of God Mission Int’l (CGMi). Josiah Kadiri was the first ProvincialMusic Director with Rev. I.K Louis Imafidon as the Assistant Provincial MusicDirector.

In 2009, our Archbishop M. E. Benson Idahosa instructed the then Assistant Provincial Choir director, Rev. IK Louis Imafidon to move to the National Headquarters tojoin the Christian Redeemed Voices (CRV). Incidentally, during this period, a number of the Provincial Choir Executive members left on account of having to wed and relocating outside the country. It became pertinent to reevaluate and fill in the vacant positions created by their departure.  Two pivotal positions worthy of mention were filled. The position of an Assistant Provincial Music Director occupied by bro. OseidiegbeyenUmobuarie and that of the Provincial Programs Director of Oregbeni Provincial Choir, filled in by Rev. Joshua Omoregie who is presently the Music Director of CGMi, Miracle Centre.

In 2010, CGMiOregbeni Province was upgraded to the status of a Zone, The Benin Zone 4 of CGMi comprising of IkpobaHill, Oregbeni and Ehor Provinces and as such, it was the birthof a new era with new goals and vision which started with the vision of a Live Recording Album Concert necessitating the immediate commencementof rehearsals with a lot of challenges such as the choice of venue for rehearsals and sourcing of funds to finance the project.  The challenges were so muchthat the choir had to rehearse for 9 months in an uncompleted CGMi Church building under rain and sun. At the end of the 9 months pains-taking rehearsals, the first-ever Live Recording Album by any CGMi Zonal Choir was recorded at the Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre in Benin City on October 14, 2011. That work was produced by our present young and dynamic CGMi National Music Director, Rev. Emma Awipi. He was very instrumental to its success and is still one of the greatest sources of inspiration to us.

Four years later the passion to take gospel music to a whole new level was reenacted, culminating in the second Live Recording Album Project. – You Are.

The biggest challenge of this second Live Recording Album project was raising a fresh zonal choir because 70% of the choristers who participated in the first recording project were no longer available on account of gaining admission into higher institutions of learning, job opportunities that required their leaving the state, marriage etc. Another major challenge was financing the project as the prospective sponsors withdrew their sponsorship barely two weeks to the recording concert in the face of the harsh economic situation in the country.

And the producer? A humble and multi-talented young man. Martyn Odiboh – A bass guitarist per excellence.

Now, the songs contained in this album promise acceptability from every class, age bracket and stratum of society. It is a work that will bring the message of the gospel to many homes the world over.


Magnify Him
  1. 1. Magnify Him
  2. 2. Bless the Lord
  3. 3. Holy Spirit
  4. 4. The Anointing
  5. 5. You Are

Our Services

Soundtrack Creation

Creating sound tracks, Theme songs for movies, documentaries, play-lets, soap operas and other presentation

Event Ministration

HCMC provides music for various occasion such as inauguration, Government functions, weddings, and other social ceremonies.

Vocal Services

HCMC provides backups and lead vocals for studio recordings and album projects.


  • Producers of the album “SACRIFICE OF PRAISE”
  • Producers of the album “YOU ARE” 
  • 2nd position in the GREAT RESTORATION MUSIC FESTIVAL organized by CGMI
  • We have produced great music Artists amongst whom are IK Louis, Benny NJ, Josiah K. etc.
  • We have written several songs, some of which have not been released yet. Songs written by Hill City Mass Choir include, Anthem of Praise, Sacrifice of Praise, Native Medley, You Are, My Saviour and others.


  • Procurement of our own sound and video equipment…
  • Establishment of our own recording studio and record label where we can sign up other gospel artistes and launch them to the world.
  • Having our own event centre where we could hold our live recordings and also rent out for other programs.
  • Supporting other choirs both within and outside CGMI to enable them accomplish their musical goals and aspirations.
  • To create a new dimension in d music industry by using it to affect certain areas of d human race.
  • Raising great music stars that will be able to affect our society our society through music.
    Raising standard of music both within and outside the continent.


What people are saying
You Are // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  1. You Are // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  2. The Anointing // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  3. Omionwanfan // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  4. None like You // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  5. My Saviour // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  6. Magnify Him // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  7. Holy Spirit // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  8. Divine Epoch // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  9. Count your blessings // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are
  10. Bless the Lord // Hill City Mass Choir - You Are